Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Diva's Zentangle 3.5"Challenge: Mother Earth

3.5" tile: Spawn, Tearce, Pendril, Pop Cloud, Aura-leah, Verdegogh, Mura, Auraknot

I know when the Diva started this challenge she moved into Zendala territory for her own entry for the "Earth Day" image.  But like her, Zendalas are not my thing.  I think for me it's too much repetition.  I much prefer the square format of the tile.

I remembered that "Spawn" was supposed to represent frog eggs so I started with a water, land, sky format.  After I was all finished I wished that I had drawn a ribbon with a bow around the "Mother Earth" image before I started.  I toyed with actually tying a "real" ribbon around the whole tile. In the end decided to play it more simple.  Happy Earth Day.