Monday, April 1, 2013

Final Touches on the Watercolor on Yupo

WC on Yupo Half Sheet
I think I am satisfied with the car shadow now.
I am not sure about the lady's face yet.  I have inferred a shadow on her face and that might be distracting.  Guess I have to let that sit awhile and see how it feels.  It would not be hard to start over again on the face.  On Yupo everything is removable.   And you can start right over again. 

I might also put a little color or shadow on her shoes.  Carol Ann says Yupo is about "shapes".  You don't need a lot of details.  In fact in most cases details are almost impossible anyway.  A fun painting all in all.  


  1. I found the geometry of the under-car shadow odd. I agree that the shadow on the lady's face is distracting. How about red shoes to go with her dress.

  2. Ginny - this is beautiful. Any tips you have on working with Yupo paper would certainly be appreciated. I have done a few paintings on it. Like it because you can start over again. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How about a bit of shadow under her shoes (I think red shoes would draw our eye down there too much) and extending the shadow of the front bumper just a touch outside of the picture plane? I have no idea what it's called when you do extend the features, sorry. Perhaps soften the lower edge of the car shadow. Overall, I like the composition and the nostalgia I feel when I look at it. Good job!