Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Nostalgic Look Back

Yupo half sheet with WC
Well I think this is the final version.  I have signed it.
She now has lovely floral shoes with slight shadows. The facial shadow is gone and I have just added some different shades of skin tones to infer her face.
Next I'll need to spray coat it several times with mat acrylic clear spray to fix the painting. And I need to come with a title.

Thanks to everyone who has given me support in finishing this one up.  It's been fun.

Now I am on to some sort of crafty stuff I need to finish up and then I'll have company for a few days.
Monday I hope to have a group of en plein air painters here.  Cross your fingers on the weather.


  1. She has turned out beautifully!

  2. the shadow under the car needs should actually be a darker shade of that golden color of the "ground" and then a portion of it should reflect the cast shadow of the much darker underside of the vehicle. Also, make it more than one color. next sunny day, go look at your own car's shadow.

  3. Dear Anonymous...
    What a good critique! Wish I knew who you were!
    Yes, I feel the cast shadow would be a real issue on regular watercolor paper in a totally realistic painting. And shadows do throw people in photographs as they all look black, when we know (as you say) that they are NOT black or blue.
    However...this painting (on Yupo) is about abstract shapes. I have played with this shadow quite awhile getting it lighter and lighter.
    I will, however, consider the idea of making the outer edges more dark gold stead of blue. Anything is possible on Yupo, of course. Everything comes up.
    And I have not sprayed this painting yet. You are right that having such a large shape in almost the same value and color may be a problem. Thank you for bringing this up. I appreciate it.