Saturday, April 6, 2013

En Plein Air at Cross Creek

Ink and WC sketch (double spread 8.5" x 11")

Great day at Cross Creek (Marjorie Rawlins home) in central Florida.  The author of The Yearling and many other books lived just about a hour and a half north of Leesburg where I lived.  This is true "cracker" country again.  Tours are given daily on the hour (check the website).  

This is our third visit.  We like to bring company here to get a flavor of what it was like "in the old days".  We also watched the movie "Cross Creek" a few nights ago to see how she is portrayed.  

Since I've been through the tour, Greg took my sister and brother through the tour while I did a sketch.  Unfortunately we had an overcast and 65 degree afternoon following some storms that came through here.  Ocala area was about 15 degrees cooler than Leesburg yesterday!!!  Go figure.  So I painted in gray skies.  

I continue to practice doing the sketch IN INK first.  No graphite.  Always a challenge for me.  Especially when doing architecture!  Now I want to practice putting some people into the paintings to add scale! Thought I'd try a "double page" spread too..since it is rather small sketchbook.  I need to get back and do the printing in it as well.  It needs to be dated and a bit written about the day.  Today we are off to an Art Tour (driving tour) around the area, a tour of the Mote-Morris House, some garage sales, and other events.  77 and sunny today.  Should be great.   

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  1. Dear Ginny - this is a neat sketch. You did a great job with doing it strictly in ink at first. I have watched the wonderful movie Cross Creek a couple of times. Such a lovely story. Have fun and God Bless.