Sunday, April 7, 2013

Zentangle on a Icosahedron

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Roy's challenge (extra curricular one) is to make a 20 sided "thing-a-majiggy" with tangles on each side that you can toss to decide on which tangle to use. So you cut it out and take it together to make it 3-dimentional.   I think something like this comes in the Zentangle kit if you order one.

There are 10 sides to the top section (show above) and 10 sides for the bottom...yet to come.  I decided to ignore his instructions to do one side a week and to use some of the tangles I've picked up in the last 4-5 weeks rather than wait to get his assignment every week for 20 weeks!  

I did this in a few days.  It is not very big.  The triangles are about 2-1/4" on a side.  

Leave it to me to disregard instructions.  But in 20 weeks I would surely have LOST this!  And I am leaving to go north in about 5 weeks.  So it is fun anyway and I just won't submit it to Roy's challenge and call it instead...Ginny's "outside-the-triangle" project. 

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