Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Diva Challenge: Well

3.5" tinted tile (Canson), Well, Gewgle, Knightsbridge(v)

The Diva's tangle challenge this week is "Well" which I cannot get excited about.  Usually the "official" tangles are quite interesting and sometimes challenging.  Perhaps when I see what other people do on this one I'll get more excited about it.  

Margaret Bremner is using keys for her strings lately so I thought I'd combine the two of them...I had some old keys in my multi-media drawer and I just traced around them...you know the ones you get in the mail you are supposed to take to the local car dealer to start the car you just won!?  Hahahaha.
Anyway, I entitled this Zentangle "Now WHERE did I leave my keys?"  If all keys looked like this we might not lose them so often?  

If you want to see other contributions to this challenge, the Diva's blog is on my side bar.  Just click on it, scroll down to the bottom of her current post and all the folks who have entered their contribution are listed there in live links.  Very fun.  


  1. You may not be excited about it, but you did it very well!

  2. I agree, your tile is very pretty. Nice with the keys.



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