Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Working With a Theme: Together Through Thick and Thin

Slink (v), Cadent (with black pearl), Warts & Wobbles, Chainging

Working with a "theme" in any art work means looking at it quite differently.  I am designing a name tag here for my church to use on it's Ministry Fair Sunday in November.  The theme, as I interpret it, is how the church members work together, stay together, love together, plan together, and get things done together.  "Together through Thick and Thin" then is more the theme, I suppose. 

The tangles I chose to interpret this theme each had a slightly different way of showing this.  "Slink" (my version) along the left side showed the intricate way that our lives weave in and out of each others but forming a stronger "chain" than if we tried to do things on our own.  "Cadent with Black Pearl" along the top shows that working this way has a rhythm and a beauty all it's own. 

"Warts and Wobbles" on the right side is the touch of humor in the little piece showing that we do all have our "warts" and our "wobbles" and that things are not always easy or perfect.  But together, the symmetry of our lives and our work make something that is full of joy.

"Chainging" across the bottom is a braided rope. When you pull it, it gets tighter, stronger.   

Note:  The church today (all churches, not just mine) are rapidly becoming not just benefactors of the world through outreach ministry to help the poor and the hungry and the victims of disasters.  But they also serve the people that come to the doors of the church by offering them comfort, unconditional love, support in their personal lives, a sense of family in a society of transient loneliness and transition. 

I encourage to pick a "theme" now and then and see how it might change your art work.  
 If you are interested in seeing my personal inspiration go to pucc.info

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