Thursday, September 12, 2013

Transfer Painting: Looks like print-making!

Sketch on WC paper (w/mock printing) 

The way the wc paper looks after the mock printing has been put down.

The way the tracing paper looks after the black acrylic paint has been rolled on the back.

Always looking for a just slightly different way to approach things just to make more interesting.
This idea is from Drawing For Mixed-Media Artists by Carla Sonheim.  52 creative exercises (one a week).

She calls this one "Transfer Painting".  You do your sketch as usual but do it on heavy tracing paper.  I did a continues ink line drawing of a little still life in my studio.  Then you mix up a tiny bit of black acrylic paint with some water and using a brayer you paint the back side of the tracing paper so it is a very thin layer of paint.  Then carefully turn it over and lay it on your wc paper.  Take a pencil and trace over the drawing. Using your thumb you can press here and there to make sure some ink-like smudges transfer too.  You can see what that looks like in the 2nd photo.  It comes out looking like you printed the images from a stamp or woodblock or tile.

Dry it thoroughly and paint with watercolors so that the hazy black still shows through.  Voila.  Very fun.

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