Sunday, September 15, 2013

Moving Toward the Yupo Class Now

Beams, Riki Tiki, W2, Brabs

I smile...when I do a tile for the "zen of it" and post it is pretty ho-hum for my blog friends.  I did try out Riki Tiki and Beams for the first time.  And that version of Brabs (although not my favorite) turns out to look like hieroglyphics.  Who knew?  

But hang in there.  I am teaching that Yupo class on Wed so I'll have more interesting things soon coming!  I'll try to stop talking long enough to take some photos and see what people come up with! 
Yupo is SO creative.  

It is a wet and dark day with dribs and drabs of rain all morning long...temps about 55.  Sweatshirt weather in the north woods.  Mushroom weather too.  Go Packers!

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