Thursday, November 21, 2013


3.5" square  Quib and Mak-rah-mee

It is 8 pm EST.  It is raining steadily in Central Florida...a good soaking lighting or thunder or wind...gentle on the roof and watering the hibiscus!  It is still 73 outside...warm and humid like a July night in Wisconsin.  (It is snowing at our cabin and 32 degrees in northern WI right now.)  ARGHHH.
By Saturday night WI temps will drop to 3 degrees!  

But tonight inside the music is playing softly in the studio and I am immersed in the moment gently watching Quib unfold on my Zentangle for the Diva's challenge this week.  I have snipped off the corners to make the tile "rounded" with my new "corner snipper".  (Who knew they made something for this!)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. It looks beautiful on the black tile! I'm in MN. and not liking this cold! Lucky you in Florida!

  2. Love how you used the grey tones for Quib and whites for Mak-rah-mee and how well they go together. I'm in CT and not liking our cold either. I grew up in FL.

  3. A corner snipper, never heard of that. I wonder if they are sold in the Netherlands, but I'll try to find it.
    Your Quib tile is very beautiful.

  4. Thank you very much for the mail about the snipper, if I can buy it here, i'll let you know.

  5. This looks really beautiful on a black time. I love the shading, very striking! Anne, not sure if this helps, but "We R Memory Keepers" makes a few nice Corner Chompers, with different size corners.

  6. I like the knot woven in in all white in the background.

  7. I tried quib for the first time recently and I am discovering it is so suitable for many things. Yours looks great in white on black! Very cool creation!

  8. You added lots of depth with white..,.i think that's pretty hard to do! Well done!



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