Saturday, November 16, 2013

Quick Daily Sketch

Daily Sketch examples...12 x 9" Strathmore Visual Journal Mixed Media Paper

In preparation for teaching my 2-part sketching class that starts on Nov 25 here at Hawthorne Park...I am again trying out different paper surfaces for my own daily sketches.  For "around the home" sketches I like a bigger sketch book with smaller studies in it.  For travel and en plein air I often choose a smaller format for ease of carrying.

These sketches are done with black pen first in a continuous line drawing, color added afterwards. 

This is a new journal type...Strathmore's Visual Journals (see Cheap Joe's catalog (Christmas catalog page 48).  I like a lot of about these journals.  They come in two sizes...the 9 x 12 and a smaller 5.5 x 8.
And they come in two papers...watercolor 140# which can allow you to paint on both sides!  And the other choice is the "mixed media" paper of 90# which is good for just about everything (vellum finish) but probably not for painting on both sides).  But you could definitely do dry media on both sides.

Both are SO reasonably priced.  $4.59 for the smaller one and $7.89 for the larger.  This makes it a real bargain and you can surely buy multiples of these.  There are pros and cons to spiral binding of course.  Some people adore that it lays flat and even flips over.  The sketchbooks come with a very hard cover and backing so they have their own "support board".  The idea of a cross-two page spread would be harder in this format.  But if you have one large book and one small one you can just switch back and forth.  

The sketches here are on the 90# multi media paper and I wanted to see if it buckled much and if after dry I could re-lift some highlights.  The re-lifting is best if done while the paint is still slightly damp.  BUT you can go back with a scrubber or slightly stiff brush and lift even after it is bone dry. You just have to work gently so as not to rough up the paper surface.  

I have also sent my students off to see a video of Danny Gregory sketching his breakfast before he eats it. (google Danny Gregory). He uses a dip pen (which I am not suggesting for students) and Dr. Ph Martin's watercolor inks.  The inks are SO concentrated and lovely that I have decided to spring for a small set of them to try them out.  But the idea is more to see how someone does a "quick" and colorful sketch using ink first and then adding color.  
So quickly that your bagel does not dry out.  (hahaha).  I am aiming for the 20-30 minute sketch times here.  I am leaning heavily on Brenda Swenson's method of ink draw, paint, format, print.  
(Brenda's blog is on my list of favorites off to the right).  

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