Monday, November 25, 2013

The meaning of "wonky"

I had 17 show up for my watercolor, ink and sketching class this morning!  Very fun.  We had a lot of fun talking about sketch books, continuous line ink drawing, watercolor and the reasons for sketching. We watched two sections of Brenda Swenson's video.

We explored the meaning of "wonky" which in the dictionary means crooked, off center, askew, unsteady, shaky, faulty, fanciful.  All apply to continuous line sketches!

These two had "such" personality!!!!  The range of experience in the medium was very large from very beginner to quite experienced.  We will meet again on Dec 9.  I have given the class several assignments to practice over the two weeks.  

ps: exciting news.  My daughter and I are signed up to take CZT (Zentangle) training in Providence Rhode Island in June!  We are SO excited!  

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  1. Wherever you are teaching, they certainly have a great set up. Looks like fun - and you can eat the results! Good luck on the CZT class.



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