Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Gloria Cake

Multi media sketch book, 5 x 6", water soluble pen and watercolor

When I give workshop participants "assignments" I always do them myself.  One assignment was to do a continuous line sketch of something that belongs to someone else IN INK.  Paint it and format it.

I had 17 in the class (see yesterday's blog).  Gloria brought in a beautiful cake for us to sketch but ...we ate it.  SO before we did so, I took a photo.  And while the image was "hot" in my mind...did a little sketch.  Permanent pens are fine for this assignment.

Also, Brenda Swenson recommends Tombow water soluble pens but not having one handy I used a Crayola Fine line Marker color "brown".  (WalMart). 
Not quite as nice but not bad.  Naturally there is some intentional "bleeding" of the line or softening of the line when you add paint.  Brenda says:
My favorite Tombow color is Burnt Sienna #947. It's the only one I use...mixes nicely with watercolors, doesn't stand out or get muddy.

So if you want to try this like the expert does it...now you know!

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