Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Taking lots of deep breaths

Quib, Mak-rah-mee, Knightsbridge

Just a quiet meditation this morning. Deep breaths. 

I know I should be doing the Diva's challenge but I am not liking the combination she chose this week very much so am procrastinating.  (Pea-nuckle is not my favorite tangle) but then that is why we do challenges. Right?  To try out ones that CHALLENGE us?  Duh. 

So I will try it later today.  I am still entranced by Mak-rah-mee and so am throwing it around in all my tangles this week.  

Many thanks to Barbara Wells, CZT, for sharing her expertise with me a few weeks ago.  We will meet again at the Paradise Retreat in Melbourne in early April.  That is such a delight to think about.

We had a BIG rain storm here in the Orlando area last night...probably over an inch of rain!!!  But sunny and windy now and coolish (65).  Great for my pie baking today.  

We are seating 8 for Thanksgiving here at Mango House in Central Florida and no one has to travel farther than a golf cart ride of a few blocks.  No worry about anyone getting left in a airport!!!

Prayers for all the travelers.  Looks VERY windy in NY for the Macy's Day parade...uh oh.  That is my favorite parade in the whole world!!!  

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