Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Diva Challenge: Quandry

I am moving ahead and doing most of my weekend calendar tangles in advance.  I'll be at the Retreat to Paradise all weekend and I don't envision much free time.
So at least through Saturday.  Since the Diva suggests "Quandry" that is what I used for Saturday.

I note that everyone has different step outs that work best for them.  Mine are a series of pencil triangles.  
I make the pencil lines VERY lightly and then erase (I know that is a bad word in Zentangle) but really sometimes it just works better than way.  I "could" leave the lines in and make then part of the tangle, of course.  


  1. Great to see another way to nail Quandary. Yours works really well, Ginny. A retreat to paradise sounds wonderful - I hope it will be! Axx



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