Monday, April 28, 2014

Having a good excuse for being late….

Well, just one day behind now.  I'll have to tackle two tomorrow.  I wanted to use the new "Cat-kin" Tangle that I learned at Retreat to Paradise.  So fun.  AND I quite like "Log Jam" on April 26.   Alexia is also in April 26 but I think they kind of look like chocolate chip cookies to me.  

I have an excuse this time…for being a bit behind.
I am on crutches.  What a bummer.  On Saturday night, getting up from my computer, actually, I twisted my leg just right and my full weight came onto my right leg twisting the knee and the pain was unbelievable.  Uh oh, guys.  I did something bad. Passed right out on the floor…not kidding.  Saw primary doc today and she made the referral to the ortho docs for Wed and then I will find out for sure.  But most people I describe this to say I tore my meniscus…one of two bits that hold your knee joint in place on either side.  Usually an athletic injury. 

I can't even boast of a tennis injury or jump roping.  Getting up from a desk?  Sigh.  More on Wed…I am crossing my fingers that it won't require surgery to repair but I hear that it usually does require that.  And so I am trying to be cheerful that it happened here at home and not while we were traveling or vacationing.
Crutches are not good.  The old joke "funny as a crutch" was NOT kidding.  

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  1. Oh Ginny, I am so sorry to hear about this accident! ... also so sorry to hear about the pain- not fun! You are seeing the bright side of this - it didn't happen on your trip north. And yes, crutches are not fun! Please take care and hopefully it will not take surgery (but probably will considering the pain -hopefully they gave you something for that.)
    Blessings to you, dear Friend.
    Love, Barb