Thursday, April 17, 2014


8.5" diameter on Bristol Paper .01 Micron pens in brown and black.

Okay, I have been totally resisting Zendalas like forever. But Margaret Bremner taught an irresistible way to do them at the Retreat.  You start by cutting a snowflake or a 6 sided one in this case...really, you cut a stencil just like you did in first grade. 

Then you lay it out and trace it on paper of your choice.  Then...and this is important, you erase or connect the lines as you wish to change the design to please you.  Voila and tangle.

Of course the tangling DOES take some time and some real concentration.  I did not do as many repeats as come folks do.  Mostly mirror images...repeating at least twice.  

Hard to say how long it took me as I picked it and put it down many times.  Probably a good 3 hours total.  This was a fairly intricate could simplify it. I was pretty pleased with my first one!


  1. Ginny - I love how your tangles work together as one - it take real talent to put so many different tangles in the composition and they all look like they belong - I really like this. I have always been a great fan of mandalas.

  2. Ginny - this is a lovely tangle. Always enjoy seeing your tangles and art work. Thanks for sharing.