Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Diva Challenge: Camelia

Whew…up to date.  Imagine that.

But with my knee injury…Zentangle has been just so comforting.  "Camelia" is the Diva Challenge this week (Day 30) so I am killing two birds, as they say.

Day 29 is called "Undling" and I have never used that one before.  It's is rather nice. I needed something calmer next to day 28.   

Day 28 I call "The Garage Sale"…as it has way too many tangles thrown in.  The tangle "Framz" reminds me of a garage sale jumble.  So I added "Chimes" off the the left of it.  And some "Tipple" as fill using Margaret's hint that if you put small ones on the edge and big ones in the middle you create the illusion of dimension.  


  1. I like your Camelia! The whole page is beautiful. Hope your knee will be better soon.

  2. Like how your Camelia is ducking into the portal.

  3. Very fun!! I like Camelia, but I love the "Garage Sale"!

  4. Every day on your calendar looks fabulous!! Awesome job! Share Humanity

  5. Your calendar is looking great! Lovely job with camelia :)



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