Saturday, May 3, 2014

May Zentangle Calendar

May will be "monotangle calendar month" for me.
AND I have decided to "label" the tangles each day.
AND I have decided NOT to tangle the numbers in May which shortens things up considerably.

Barney is a new tangle but the other two are old favorites.  That "Fiore" by the way.   Kind of looks like an "l" instead of an "i".  Oops.  

Not much more news on the health front right now for me. I am still on crutches after a meniscus tear on my right knee.  Had my MRI yesterday and will see orthopedic surgeon on Wed. Then I will have sort of diagnosis and prognosis to report.  

I am getting caught up on my grandkids birthday cards and their first communion and confirmation and graduation cards!  Lots of those this spring and I like to hand make them all.  

Big time rain here in central Fl yesterday and today.  Flooding in Pensacola in the Panhandle and then also in Tampa on the Gulf.  Made the national news!  So far our retention ponds are providing relief here in my area near Orlando.  But they are up 6" higher than a few days ago!!!  90 predicted by mid week so we are going to be steamy!!!

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  1. Just had a chance to read your blog - so sorry about injury and hope you don't have to have surgery. Also glad you didn't hit your head on anything on the way down! I once threw out my back reaching for a pencil at work - no kidding. And I wasn't even "elderly" then!!! Sometimes it's not about our health at all, just something random that happens - called Life! Loving the tangles!