Thursday, May 8, 2014

Finishing up the Zentangle Cow

I finally got around to finishing up this little cow (9 x 9) on watercolor paper. I suddenly see I haven't signed it yet!  

I have two other cow images and I'd like to work on those also so that I have several I can put into the gallery in August OR if I like them enough into one of the shows in Wisconsin this summer.  

When I posted this one before the diagonal "fence" was not
finished.  So I plan to "float" this on black background.  Will show that another time.  

It is almost time to start packing up my studio and I have some other things that need doing before I do that.  I may leave the Zentangle things to last because that is so easy to pack up. And it leaves me some things to do after everything else is put to bed.  

I always have such a time deciding what I need to take north with me for the summer and it's always more than my hubby wants to put in the car!!!  Same ole same ole.  

I see the orthopedic surgeon this afternoon regarding that torn meniscus in my knee so we'll see how that all plays out.  Stay tuned.  


  1. Love, love, love this cow!!! Good luck with the knee - Deb

  2. I love the cane!!! I have to try that, but all I have are black canes. Might have to get a silver one.

  3. The paint I used on this is Sharpie oil-based paint that comes in a "marker".
    I think Michaels or JoAnn carries it. Or I might have ordered it from Dick Blick.

  4. I don't know if the oil based paint comes in white.
    If so, that might look very cool on a black cane!!!