Thursday, May 15, 2014

Organizing Zentangle Patterns

 8 x 11" spiral bond organizer

This organizational book where I keep my tangles, now there are well over 1000 tangle designs (no step outs) just small samples…12 to a page.  (Strathmore stationary is the paper…heavy enough to be durable and smooth enough to tangle well.)  

But the additions to this book (bound at Office Depot for me) are chronological (not by alphabet). So when I wanted to find one it became time consuming. 

So I typed up all the names and alphabetized them and now keep that list on my computer where I can continually add more in the proper place.  BUT where to put the typed lists so they are handy and easy to get to?  

The booklet has a clear plastic cover and I cleverly had left one page blank at the beginning of the book.
Voila!  I think this is going to work out.  I will hand write in added names as they come, and then at some later date I'll update the computer list online and reprint the page!  

Incidentally you can go back to Office Depot and have pages added to this your heart's content.  It's about $3.00 to put a new larger spiral binding in.  

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  1. I think you mean Office Depot, Mom. Not Home Depot. However, I am sure the men in the lumber department at Home Depot would have a great laugh if you brought your notebook to them and asked for additional pages and larger spine to be put in. They might even build you a nice little shed that you can put in your backyard that you can sit in and discuss your art projects with your imaginary friends from the Home Depot store.... Love ya Mom! :)