Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Zentangle Calendar up to May 27

Playing Catch Up now after traveling

I have found a plethora of interesting tangles on Pinterest.  Who knew?  And some of the old favorites too.  I had fun with "blowing up" Zinger and doing a variation it.  This is a total copy cat of Helen Williams' variation who thought this up first.  (Although I used my own tangles for the design, of course).  

She also has a video on how to draw Whirl and I am still struggling with it…so this is a variation too but mostly because I am just learning it. Tore Up is fun as it an illusion and I love those.  Inaura is a new tangle I might have picked up on tangle I am not sure. 

Just got my art stuff unpacked and into my "up north studio" yesterday and stuff is still stacked around and I am trying to find things.  

Getting ready for an afternoon workshop on print making next Wed and trying to find stuff to take.  Sue Wendlandt is teaching it for the Manitowish Waters, WI Art League.  Wishing now I had brought my linoleum cutter that I just bought in FL but decided that I couldn't take EVERYTHING and now, of course, that is what I wish I had!   It's always that way.  Sue says she has extras.

I am unpacking clothes and baking this morning. I keep jumping from one thing needed to finish to another which is NOT a good plan.  Hahaha.

Weather is sunny today but coolish…about 68 now at 11 am.  Better than rain and 60 yesterday!!!  And the forecast looks pretty good.  Mosquitoes up here are awful!!!  


  1. Have a wonderful, art and fun filled summer!

  2. Glad to hear you are safely back in the Northwoods! I certainly enjoyed following your trip through your calendar tangles and your plein air paintings. It would appear that you had a great trip.
    Sorry to hear about the mosquitoes. We encountered them once when we were there the first week of June-real dive-bombers. I also remember one time when we were there in the early summer, there were little caterpillar/worms which were hanging from all the trees and dropping on the sidewalks, roads, etc. That was the only time we ever ran into them.
    Your printmaking workshop sounds so inviting - I love printmaking and am looking forward to seeing what you will be doing there.