Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Enjoying Tangelations

Well, since I already posted May 4…I will just give you the next two.

Remember "May is Mono-tangle Month" for me which means just one tangle per square.  And I am also skipping tangling the numbers this month.  Keep it simple.  

I am not sure where I ran across Zanholli but I think it is one of the "strangest" tanglelations.  I've ever come across. But that makes it all the more fascinating to me.  How people dream these up is just amazing.  The reference to "holli" in the name of course is from Hollibaugh and it also resembles "Zander" a little to me with the "binding" of the sticks.  And between the tall parts is "Hibred" which is an official tangle too. Anyway, I am crazy for it.  

Kardz is a fun tangle that is a take off on Crescent Moon and is a good example of how "auras" can just about make any shape a tangle!   

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