Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Diva Challenge: Punzel and Well

I am keeping ahead of the calendar these days as we'll soon be "on the road" and although I am fairly sure I can keep up…that is not for user.  We'll have some LONG driving days.  However, I am an early riser and I usually have my coffee and check the news on my iPad and then I could (if I am organized) do my calendar Zentangle for the day.  We'll see how THAT goes.  

Sounds like one of those "resolutions" that is made to be broken!  Hahaha.  So, the other option is to "get ahead" and then miss when you must!  It's a great stress reliever during packing for sure!!!

I am really glad Laura pushed me try Punzel which has been around a long time but I've never really tried it.  I use "Well" and tangelations of Well all the time. 

Pots N Pans is fun but I have to laugh at how many "similar" tangles there are to that one.  There is one called "Stishes" (take off on "dishes") that is VERY similar but you sort of build it from the bottom instead of the top.  And Helen Williams has one called "Stax" that is more looking like "pots" than bowls but same idea.  Her's are a tad wonky.  As blog-watcher Barbara says "how many of these tangles ARE there?"  God only knows.  With new ones raining down from the sky each day…many are unpublished and one just happens on them and with Linda Farmer publishing them practically once a week!  I am personally aware of over 500 and I am sure there is triple that.  Variations on variations too make it impossible to even estimate.  Some variations (like Punzel above) deserve their own name.  

note: I am liking putting the major tangle name under the calendar entries better…easier to use as a reference that way.    


  1. I like how your tangles have escaped and wrapped themselves around the numbers. I also like the gold auras around punzel - very effective.

  2. At least you are keeping up or ahead on your calendar! I have some big gaps in mine. I like your punzel and it's a great idea to label it so you could use it as a reference or teaching tool!

  3. Love the picture of your calender.
    The tangles are beautiful!