Friday, May 30, 2014

Zentangle Calendar posts up through May 31

The end of another month?  OMGosh.
May somehow disappeared.  I'd like to slow things down but it doesn't seem to work that way, does it.

All of us who follow Robert Genn's amazing art blog got the news today that he passed away Tuesday at home with his family in Canada after a fight against pancreatic cancer.

His inspiration to all of us is unmeasurable.  Although his daughter, Sara, will continue the art blog by sending out past letters from her father, it will not, of course, be the same without him.  Life is never the same without people who make a difference.  We have lost Maya Angelou this week as well.  I have lost another dear amazing friend in artist and humanitarian, Norma Jean Schell, who passed away May 11.  As we grow older, the list of those we miss grows longer.  

So here's to the beautiful people who inspire us and leave their legacy to us.  They live on in our memories and in how we live our lives.  Our job is to pass it on.  I think of that as I attend graduations of two of grandchildren this spring.  Pass it on.  Thank you Robert, Maya, and Norma for enriching my life and those of many others.  

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