Saturday, April 19, 2014


6.25" Pen and Ink on 80# drawing paper

original design for this Zendala done on iPad app called iOrnament

I wanted to try one Zendala that incorporated true symmetry and not get too over board on it.  I found this way more difficult (for me) than the last one (see yesterdays's post) even though it was several inches smaller and a lot less intricate in tangles.

It took less time but since I struggle with repetition: the ability to repeat a design over and over, the completion was far more difficult for me.  I should have been able to let go and just zone out.  But I found if I did that I lost concentration and made mistakes.  And although mistakes are not really an issue...wabi sabi dictates that mistakes are in fact needed in art, I found that they were more obvious in a repeated pattern like this.  

It was a real struggle but when I was finished I found the piece beautiful (to me) and I found it restful and meditative to look at.  I liked my choice of colors in close harmony on the color wheel.  I liked the introduction of a more "organic" tangle for the main design and I think I might enjoy a more organic tangle the next time just in general.  

I think this might be pretty in a small frame.  

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  1. Very lovely! I used to enjoy the repetition of making a mandala but a year or two ago it started to become annoying! Mind you, I used to do them much larger in acrylic paint. Now I find, with zentangle, that even if I do the same tangle in several places there's something different about how I fit in into each space.
    I like the large white spaces you left near the edge.