Monday, April 7, 2014

Retreat to Paradise Ends

It's probably going to be about a month before I can get the perspective to be able to adequately describe the experience of the last 4 days.  I wish that we had names under each photo in the group shot because the names/faces will blur in a few days.  Having Sandy Bartholomew's wonderful CZT photo cards is a BIG help.  You can see I printed up my own photo cards for now.
I just know from experience in workshops before that it is totally frustrating to get emails and notes from folks later and you cannot put the facte to them!!!

The group photo helps but I know it will blur anyway.
Sigh.  Maybe at workshops someone should take everyone's individual photo as they come into the workshop and then a photo sheets with names and emails could be handed out at the end?  Just an idea for another time.

I am second from the right in the front in the group photo.  The retreat was held at the Double Tree Hotel in Indiatlantic, FL on the barrier reef facing the ocean...very much an "island" feeling out there.  I'll be posting info and some ideas from the workshop in the next days.  We just got home about 8:30 pm last night so I am still in a fog of overload.  I came away with about 10 projects in a state of just started.  

It's great to be home but I already miss the morning breakfast buffets...and the great artsy conversations around the tables.  

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