Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Blowing In the Wind

Blown watercolor Strings
Purple: KauriKunda, Paradox, Crescent Moon, Tipple
Brown: Cadent, Coroline, Curly Bracket Feather
Turquoise: YNY, Slaw, Jellyroll

Here are the other 3 blown watercolor strings I blew at the same time as the yellow one I posted previously.  
I tried out tangling with a purple Sakura pigma 01 on the top left and a brown 01 on the right top (along with a water-soluble Tombow pen for some shading and a little brown watercolor pencil).  The bottom one had some metallic pen details added.  

I am discovering that the ones where I have blown an "enclosed" string are the easiest to tangle later.  Open ended ones are more difficult.  I also like the lighter colors…turquoise and gold better than the darker purple and brown.  

Some folks try a hair dryer on high or canned air for blowing so that they get more wild lines.  So more experimenting to follow.

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