Sunday, October 5, 2014

Working with the Visually Impaired

4.5" tile: Spiteria, Printemps, Shard, Drained

Trying out another Apprentice Tile.  Now this tile  is cut from Canson Montval 140 cp Watercolor paper.  Very nice quality paper.  The zentangle official Apprentice tile is a glossier paper.  

This is a really nice option for visually impaired students.  Some of us have a number of students who fall into that category.  I think we should be carrying 4.5" tiles and .05 pens and/or Apprentice pens in our kits for students taking beginner classes who fall into that category!!!  

I am enjoying the tangle Spiteria.  It is the funky star shape tangle.  

We had snow in the north woods Friday and Saturday so Florida is looking SO good right now!!!  We are packing up and heading out soon.  

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  1. I think Spiteria is a really neat tangle also. Your tile is very nicely composed. I will have to try Spiteria with an aura. Now for a discussion on your language, you must stop using four-letter words :). Enjoy Florida.