Friday, October 10, 2014

Diva Challenge #188: National Coming Out Day Oct 11

Click the image to enlarge:

The challenge this week is ti use the colors of the rainbow AND tangles that start with what letters LGBT.

My tangles are Lampion, Gommi, Bunzo, and Tucked In

We are currently en route from northern WI to FL and as usual enjoying lots of interesting stops along the way! Sunny weather in southern WI but BRISK temps especially in the evenings with frost warnings!

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  1. This is very beautiful, I love the colored tangles jumping out of the rest.

  2. drive safely, and keep tangling. beautiful tile.

  3. Wonderful tile! Very creative!

  4. love the way you have coloured Tucked In - great tile

  5. This is so imaginative and creative...I love the geometric shapes in the design and the way you have pulled it all together.
    Enjoy the trip south and stay safe! Blessings go with you.

  6. This is whimsical. The geometrics stand out nicely in both form and color, juxtaposed as they are with more organic patterns in black and white. I like it a lot. And what a drive you are undertaking! Have fun and be safe.



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