Monday, October 27, 2014

Diva Challenge: Betweed Mono tangle

Betweed (3.5" tile)

The challenge this week is a mono-tangle (one tangle only) and the one Laura has chosen is NOT my favorite.  But that is the name of this game…give it the old one-two.  Try it anyway.

Between has been around quite awhile and you can find it demonstrated by the wonderful Maria herself.  Her's looks beautiful.  I never have gotten the hang of it after all these years.  

So…I decided to have fun with a "paint-blown" string to see if that could perk it up a little.  The CZTs on their FB page have been chatting about this.  I used Dr. PH Martin's liquid watercolors for the intense color and dropped it on the tile and then with a straw I blew the strings.  I did one in purple, one in brown, and one in bright turquoise.  (I haven't tangled those yet.)
BUT all the CZTs think, and I agree, that the dark colored ones like black look "sinister".  Sort of creepy.  I like the bright colors like this one.  

Of course when done, all I could see was spider webs.  
So I added a little plastic spider that I had dropped into my tangling box up north before I left.  Just in case.  You never know when you might need a spider.  

This blown paint/ink string idea is not mine…lots of people have been showing this on their blogs.  Thanks to everyone who thought it up!  (note: some people use "canned air" to blow the ink/paint around).  Alcohol inks won't work on paper…they have to be on a non-porous surface.  But acrylic inks would.  


  1. this is the first time I see this blown ink idea and I love it. and I love how you used the tangle too.
    and I'm a big fan of bright colors, yellow being my favorite.
    I'd love to see how the other colors turn out

  2. Love the blown ink string and the spider! Fun tile for this week!

  3. Thanks for sharing this 'blown ink' idea further. I will certainly try it. Your tile is great and I LOVE the spider in it.

  4. Really cool! I think I just have to try the blown string for this week's adventure!!

  5. I love your ink string!! It really fits so well with this weeks betweed! Beautiful!

  6. Oh this is fun - I like how you used restraint and left some areas open!

  7. I like the way the fluid string encourages a free version of Betweed, which can be a bit controlling, I find. I think this is a great example of how a splash of colour that brings the whole thing to life.

  8. How clever this is Ginny. You did a nice job with Betweed. I too, have a problem with this tangle. With your paint string, you didn't have to do too much on the tangle... LOL!

  9. Wonderful and very creative tile! I love it!

  10. this is very cool. Yellow is my favorite color, betweed is one of my favorite patterns, and I also think spiders are very cool. This is so appropriate for the season, and whimsical at the same time. Well done!



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