Saturday, October 4, 2014

Diva's Challenge: Blind String.

Blind String: Squaro, Swags, Laces, Tipple, Striping

Blind strings for a challenge are always fun and makes you wonder why you bother looking at all when you draw strings!  They get so much more creative this way!

What is interesting about this one is that it is done on an Apprentice Tile (4.5") instead of classic 3.5".  I am prepping for a class on Wednesday where I'll have someone who is visually handicapped.  Since I had not used an Apprentice Tile myself, I thought it best to give it a try.  I used an .05 pen instead of an .01.  There is also an Apprentice Pen but mine are all packed away unfortunately.  I think the 05 will work fine for her.

I tried an ultra fine Sharpie but they "bleed" slightly on the soft paper.  No go.  Apprentice materials are generally for younger students.  


  1. I like your tile. The negative space look like balloons.

  2. Great tile. I work with the apprentice tiles regularly with the kids at school. I know what you mean about the pens. Another thing that I have found is that they are a "slicker" paper that the "regular" tiles, not as much tooth, and when you do the shading you may want to go to a softer... 4B pencil to get the same effect on shading as the others. Have fun with the class.

  3. nice choice of tangles and use of white space.