Friday, October 3, 2014

Last En Plein Air Painting of the Season

8 x 10 wc and ink on gallery-wrapped canvas

On September 26 the temperatures in the north woods of Wisconsin flew up to 75 degrees.  Indian Summer had come (and lasted about 48 hours).  THAT is all you get in the north woods!  

I grabbed my folding stool and paint bag and went outside down the path turning back up toward our little cabin.  The photo of the painting makes the cabin color a tad more "orange" when it is actually more red but I decided to leave it as it…warm and cozy and glowing in the late afternoon sunshine looking as it was on that day.  I haven't signed this painting yet as I see a few tweaks I want to make. But that will come next spring.  

That evening Greg and I took our wine and crackers and sat at the lake's edge to watch the sunset. It was magical and we held hands.  We wanted to just hold that memory for ever!  

This is the only painting I've done of the cabin since the loft was added and that has been many years ago.  The painting is of the "main" section…the living area and the "breezeway" where the door is shown which connects the main dwelling with the "annex" which is the screen porch and the building set aside for our hobbies: Greg's train layout and my studio.  Hubby has built almost everything by hand himself over the years.  

The window just to the right of the tallest tree in the painting is where I am sitting right now writing this and looking back out and down to the lake.  It is raining and windy and temperatures are dropping steadily…we may get snow flurries tonight!  Greg has a cozy fire going in the fireplace.  (That is the big tall silver chimney near the center of the painting.)  This is a treat of it's own, as early spring and late fall are our times to use it.  Again, Greg put this in himself.  A do-yourself kind of guy!  

We are packing this weekend…soon time to head to Florida.  We take about two weeks to travel…have reservations at Pipestem State Park in West Virginia along the way, a ride on the Smokey Mountain RR and a visit to SC to see my sister and brother in law.  Many fun adventures ahead.  Stay tuned!  

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful and magical place to call home. Enjoy your trip - safe travels.