Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Feb 11 is National Share Art Together day! Starting today!

Sheila and Cynthia gamely get messy doing light molding paste stencil work!

Ginny starts carving a CHOP (backwards of course)

This says "Ginny" in Chinese
All chops are printed in red.

Sheila binds a book (adding beads later).

Our play day afternoon at Cynthia's house included a make your own salad, yummy bread, and warm chocolate chip cookies!  (lots of hot coffee and conversation). Then off to the studio to play together.  We are thinking that Feb 11 should be "National Play in the Studio Day".  Preferably with friends!  

Thanks for a fun afternoon Cynthia!  
Ginny Sullivan stopped by for a look-see at what we were doing and a chat.  She showed us photos of her home made dolls…so cute!  Start your own play day!  

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