Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gelli® Plate Workshop plans

I have been asked to teach a mono-printing plate hands-on workshop this summer up in Wisconsin.

There are tons and tons of home made and around-the-house objects that make marks on Gelli® plates. I did however want to give my students a little "packet" of things that we could explore with and when I saw a similar idea on Pinterest I thought this might be a simple and no-expense way!

What you see above are from an old deck of cards.
You can see that I have used a scissors or a utility knife to cut shapes into the cards to use as stencils, masks, and mark makers on a Gelli plate.  The one on the top right has holes punched in with a hole punch AND each side of card is cut with speciality scissors…one is pinking shears and the other is curves.  All make GREAT marks on the plates.  

Sometimes both the negative and positive shapes cut out of the cards can be used.  And they are plastic coated and last a long time!  The plastic knife is a substitute palette knife which not only makes marks itself, but can be used to mix paint colors or to left stencils off the plates.  

I'll do a few samples using just these and post them later.

Also I want to have a sample bag of items using Gelli print papers.
Example: as gift wrap, as a greeting cards, as part of a collage, as covering for a journal cover, decorating stationary and envelopes, 
etc.  Anyone who has any more ideas of ways to use the papers let me know.  I think for a workshop this will be very useful.  If you teach Gelli workshops I'd love to be in touch with you!  

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