Monday, February 23, 2015

Working on Toned Paper

Besides the lovely honey colored Renaissance tiles from there are lovely toned papers available from several different sources that make for interesting and subtle changes in the tangles.   Those on 22/23 are actually on a gray toned paper that find quite pleasant to work on.

I have been glueing these into my Tangle a Day calendar to try out some ideas for my upcoming class in March. (see side bar).

Weather warming slightly in central FL…we had 85 on Sunday and I was at the pool.  Amazing!  Wow that felt so wonderful.
Around 80 today but now we are to get some rain mid-week.
No complaints.  I do know how midwest and eastern states AND Tx are suffering in that ice and sleet and snow and COLD. 
I am sure they are all counting the days to spring!  

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