Friday, February 27, 2015

Bubbling Zentangles and Scrappy Collage

Zentangles with Bubbles
3-ring note book cover with Gelli Plate collage

Bubbling Zentangles?  Well, anything is possible!
Someone on Facebook sent me a recipe for "collecting bubbles" on paper.
I had actually done this before but decided to try it with fluid acrylic paint/dishwashing liquid/water and blowing with a straw.
You have to really play to get the ratio right so the color comes up and stay in the bubble long enough so when it pops on the paper you get the image of the bubble.  But, obviously you can do it!  

The lower photo is a collage of scraps of Gelli print paper used to cover an old faded plastic 3-ring binder that I am keeping all my journal prompts in.  I just used a heavy gel medium and really piled it on so that hopefully it will hang together for awhile!  Sure beats that old gray plastic!!!

We are winding down a kind of busy but "okay" week.  Coolish and cloudy many of the days…but we have great hopes for next week. THAT is our week on the beach/gulf!  However…at this point they are saying Wed 78 and Thursday 77.  Looks to me like Thursday is our best day with full sun.  So we are taking beach chairs and a beach umbrella!!!

Got our reservations made finally today…in Sarasota but we'll be visiting friends in Venice, Bradenton and Sarasota. I hope to do some en plain air sketching!  

I am signed up to take a free online class from Strathmore.  It starts next Wed and I'll be "on the road" but we'll be back by next Sunday so hopefully I can still participate. I'll be posting to the blog from my iPad which leaves something to be desired.  But hey.  The Gulf is only about 1-1/2 hours away and we haven't been all season.  It's time!


  1. Very interesting technique and I love the results.

  2. Beautiful the bubbling zentangles! Interesting technique!

  3. I love those bubbles and will try to do it!

  4. I love the bubble idea - can't wait to try iit! I am still fascinated with Gelli-print and have to get a gelli-plate. You are doing such interesting things.



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