Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Zentangle Calendar…finishing up February

Tsk Tsk…how I do digress.  Suddenly I see that it's March!  
And not only that but already the third.
Well, only 3 days behind I should say.  
Seems like last year I was always 3 days a head.  What does this say about me?  Just that life is busy and not always predictable and I'm behind for positive and not negative reasons.  THAT is good.

I liked the way Feb 23-24 meshed so I reposted Feb 23 to show that.  And the 26th and 27 was particularly unusual and fun.  It is a complete creative plagiarism of Sandy Bartholomew Steen's post on our Journal Prompt group on Facebook.  I give her TOTAL credit for this idea…I mean it looks just the same…same colors and everything. BUT I so enjoyed that post I wanted to try it before I forgot how she explained it was done.  

The background is acrylic!  Who would have thought of that!
Pens on acrylic have to be different than regular paper…she used Sharpies and I used a Pitt pen.  The colors are colored pencil, shading is graphite and white jellyroll pens.  Her "word" was not spring but I decided that with all my northern friends just anxious for it I'd post a spring post!  All about hope!  One little flower on top…it WILL come.  Hang on.  

My surprise on this was how easily it shaded with graphite and how charmingly bright the whole thing looks!  Thank you Sandy for this inspiration!  

Feb 28 is inspired by Helen Williams.
Taking one small grid and enlarging it is always dramatic.
Thanks to my Graphic I pen for that!  

I am taking my calendar with me on my travels to the Gulf now and will post if I get some time.  Looking forward to some time sketching en plain air over the next few days.  Weather looks splendid.  We'll be back Sat night in time for our park's big art show.  More on that another time.  

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