Friday, March 27, 2015

There's a Land That I Heard of Once in a Lullaby…Journal prompt #13

5 x 8" journal page

Share your best "dreams" or your best "dream day".  So many things went through my mind…how would I spend my dream day and what would I do.  What would make me happiest.  Who would I choose to be with?  I found this prompt almost impossible to sort through.  SO so many things make me happy.  

I am probably happiest when I am making art…drawing, painting, journaling, sketching, printing, creating…etc.  I tend to do this in a solitary way…but having said that one of the reasons that I can be so creative is that I am loved enough to be myself.
Does that make sense?  Something to do with "centering".  

So when I set out to visualize that small center of my soul where dreams and creative begin…it became very complicated to pull out any one single thing…instead it all became very "dream-like" with ideas and happy thoughts swirling about.  Thus my journal page for this week reflects that.  All the while I found myself humming "Over the Rainbow"…"there's a land that I heard of"…."to a place behind the sun, just a step beyond the rain"…"once in a lullaby".  

The materials that came to my fingers yesterday were an acrylic skin that I made (ala Tracy Batista)..most of the swirly blues were made on a plastic sheet projector and then pulled off and glued on my page.  Then swirls of lovely lines in black tied the dreams together…dimensional paint…Slicks.  Gel pens slipped in and added patterns in white and rose and yellow.  And "nonsense" printing slipped in with a dip pen in Black Cat india ink.  

So it's a very personal representation of a happy dream like presence.  Somewhere "over the rainbow".  

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  1. Really nice colors and shapes on this one for the journal - glad your acrylic skin worked better than mine. I might try again.