Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fun way to use Gelli print scraps

Scrap pieces of Gelli print paper on deli paper and other papers make darling little paper beads.  I used heavy gel medium as the glue and put a little coat of it over the bead to help make it a little stronger and sturdier.  

I had some pretty little turquoise beads left over from another project and so I interspersed them into the necklace.  
The suggestion I saw on line was to string this on elastic…I think that might be a fun thing to do.  I'll try to find some.
Also the instructions suggested wearing 3-4 strands together each slightly different length.  That looks really nice.  

It's a little messy but it doesn't take long to do and the dry in a few hours!  Voila.  Ready for Easter!  :-)

By the way…I aced my post op cataract exam this morning.  My right eye is almost 20/20 now.  After completely failing the exam before surgery!  I am so happy!  
Left eye is April 1.  Hold that thought!  

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