Friday, March 20, 2015

Diva Challenge: Tangle in Green (and Tangle A Day Calendar)

Diva's Challenge to work in "green".  

Every few days I get caught up on my calendar again!  Hahaha.  
I love "Itch".  I had forgotten about it.  

My eye is slowly healing…I think I had more swelling than some people have as the doctor increased the steroid drops for a few days.  But the comfort level is much better today and most of the "gritty" feeling in my eye is gone.  

I am teaching a Part II: Renaissance Tile class tomorrow so am glad that I am feeling pretty back to normal.  I am wearing my "old" glasses from a few years ago when the prescription was not as strong.  This seems to work better for me for reading and computer.  The cloudiness is gone from my eye but it's hard yet to see how much actual improvement yet.  I still have some "blurriness" in that eye from surgery.  I think for me it's going to take some time for the healing.  Some folks it's almost instantaneous but not for me.  

Happy first day of spring everyone!


  1. I like your tangled calender! I'm glad for you that you fell better by now and that it will gett even better in time. Patience, that's always the hard part.

  2. I like your tangled calendar too. Glad that you are on the mend and have fun with your class.



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