Thursday, March 12, 2015

Foam Magic Squares…WHAT next?

I am obviously running seriously behind in my Zentangle calendar.   And Cynthia is ahead and SHE has company.  Tsk Tsk.   My goal is to at least get up to date by this evening.  BIG goal as that means 6 calendar entries!!!  Yikes.  Have enjoyed 5 brand new tangles!  

Then the silly foam squares.  You won't be surprised that I just had to try these.  Moldable Foam Stamps, to be correct by "Magic Stamp".  I got these at Joann's with a $3 off coupon.  They were not expensive.  You get 8 pieces and you can use both sides.  
I still have a lot to learn.  I am enjoying using Cynthia's heat gun.  I can see that I am going to need one of those in my future.  
These foam things are really like magic.  With just 5-10 seconds of heat you can mold almost anything.  Can you see the keys?  And below that are Q-tips.  The red one are beads and the pink are pony tail holders.  There are so many things to try.  In 8-10 seconds the old mold can be "heated" off and you can start all over again with another molding design!  Tune in for more stamps.   (Now you can see why I am behind in my calendar!)

I also have a little watercolor commission work to labor on this weekend…more on that later and have several painting just waiting.  My Journal Prompt 11 is waiting for me to get "at it".  

Have been fighting another sinus "thing" which often happens in spring.  I am on meds now and have to get myself done with it so I am in good shape for my cataract surgery next Wednesday.  OMGosh the meds for that are SO costly.  Like $175 per bottle of drops!!! Who knew?  But hey, your eyes are SO important.  What more would you want to spend your $ on????  

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