Saturday, March 14, 2015

What Do You Know for Sure? Journal Prompt #11

Marks with "oiler boilers" and Black Cat permanent India Ink
My friend, Cynthia, reminded me about my "oiler boilers" which I have owned for years but not used for a long time.  She reminded me that Jane Davies uses them for mark-making on her blog.  

The paper on left is on deli paper with lines over some acrylic color and the one on the right is drying before I finish it below.  That one is wc paper and it took the ink a little differently. 

 I noticed that my lines seems "dots" but I think perhaps it's because I may have a tiny bit of dried paint in the needle of the applicator.  Not sure.  I sort of liked it that way.

This is 25 gauge (the thinner of the two you can get).  The thicker 18 gauge is what is recommended for putting on masking fluid (but frankly I'd never use it for that). But I think that it would be good for thin acrylic paint.  (You can find these  in Cheap Joe's catalog for about $8 each.)  I've had mine so long, I am sure I didn't spend that much.

Bubble prints, Foam stamps with acrylic, oiler boiler India Ink lines

Journal Prompt #11 is called "What Do You Know for Sure?"
It's inspired by an Oprah book of the same name.  One I haven't read but have read about.  And you can find quotes from it online.
But I decided it would be better to think about this personally and not from someone else's viewpoint.  

Old people know a lot of stuff.  
One of the few really good perks of being old.
Here I quote Emily from the play "Our Town".
"Oh earth, you are too wonderful for anybody to realize you.
Do any human beings ever realize life while they live--every every minute?"
The angel, if you remember, suggests maybe saints and poets might.  The rest of us go along never noticing.  This all goes along with the theme of my journal "Attention".  

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