Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Journal Prompt #12

5 x 8 journal page

The prompt this week was to find some different ways to "stack" tangles.
I had already glued in strips of Gelli printed paper (with gel medium) weeks ago and was just waiting for the right prompt to use it.  I love all the vibrant colors!  Makes me happy.

You have to be willing, the way I do it, to have the journal prompts "out of chronological order", of course.  But this is fine with me.  

I used a lot of opaque paint markers by Sharpie on this.  

I want to thank all my blogger friends for their prayers and thoughts today.  My cataract surgery went very well.  I am tired this evening as it was a somewhat stressful day… the idea of someone using a laser on your eye is a peculiar one.   There was a long wait as patients got sort of "backed" up in the afternoon and that didn't help my anxiety level.  

And you are totally awake for this surgery, by the way.  You have an IV with some sedation and relaxation meds but the real deal is that all the drops they give you numb up your eyeball.  It's like a laser-light show…pretty amazing.  The actual procedure only takes like 15 minutes!  

I have a ton of drops to take now of course.  
A small price to pay.  Can't lift anything over 30# and have to wear a shield at night over the one eye just to be sure I don't bump it at night.  I think some Advil PM might be in order tonight!  

The lack of anesthesia leaves you feeling quite well afterwards.  
That part is good!  Well, in two weeks I will do it all over again!  Left eye.  Sigh.  
Meanwhile thanks everyone!  

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