Friday, March 27, 2015

Tangle A Day Calendar updates

Felt good to get "close" to catching up on the ole "Tangle a Day" calendar last night.  Hey, if I can get one done today…voila!  

I am enjoying the new tangle "Keystone".  It reminds me of another one but I can't remember which one.  Binial and Caviar I've had in my Evernote app on my iPad for a long time but forget to use them.  I love the variation on Coaster with the daisy petals.  It's a "mac and cheese" tangle for me although the dark fill takes quite a long time to do.  It makes it dramatic.

I am enjoying a gorgeous dawn here in central FL (high 78 today) which is like perfect.  BUT we have maybe 50% change of rain later today.  Tropical.  The important thing is no rain Sat because our park is having it's HUGE once a year rummage sale tomorrow and it's open to the public.  Last year we made $16,000 on it in just 5 hours.  AMAZING.  And stuff is selling for rummage sale prices too.  It's not to miss.

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