Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gelli plate messing around.

Gelli plate using styro stamps

Paint drying on Gelli plate preparing for Part II of this technique

Gelli plate printing on music paper using acrylic mat medium resist.

Lots of fun today in the studio…I finally had an afternoon with at least 2 hours solid uninterrupted time.  Suddenly that seems few and far between these days!!!  

Photo 1: Although I much against using styrofoam in any form…when I can recycle something someone else has used I am game to try it.  I imprinted the foam with a ball point pen and cut it out. All of these came from ONE styro dinner plate!  The trick to using these is this…after you have laid down an interesting background on your card or paper.  You use a second contrasting color for the next step (purple).  I place the foam face down on the Gelli plate and then…the real trick to this one…wipe away any paint outside the foam!  Then remove the foam and take a last print.  I also did the envelope.  The Gelli Plate blog has a demo on this.

Photo II: Is part one of a packing tape pull. After imprinting wet paint you can add acrylic stamping to your heart's delight.  Clear packing tape will pull up this paint when completely dry.  Makes lovely college bits or card bits or decorate bits.  The clear spots purposely left can be foils of any color or dusted with powders or you can place on newspaper or phone book pages.  I will show how that looks in another post.  

Photo III: Is a resist done with a stencil.  After the acrylic medium is dry you just paint over it with acrylics and burnish off the paint on the medium!  Like magic the stencil appears.  

Coolish day…light sweater weather.  Sunny mostly but now in the early evening some clouds are rolling in that look a tad threatening.  70s for the next 3 days but the in mid 80s for the weekend.  Oh fun.  Down to the pool I go!

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