Sunday, February 15, 2015

Vermont Post office watercolor (with ink)

Not photographed in the greatest conditions…I need to take it outside in bright shade for a good photo not under artificial lights like above.  But you can sort of get the idea.  I haven't signed it yet.
But I do like the sort of loose ink feeling and yes the Elegant Writer Ink did set permanently after it was wet!  (see previous post).  

When I think it's done, I spray it many times with clear acrylic and frame it without glass.  Several of my latest wc I have sealed with Dorland's wax.  I don't think I will do that for this one on paper but I think I might try a sample small one sometime and see how that works out.  I've never waxed a wc done on paper.  

Anyway this was totally fun.  And if you do watercolor…I recommend it.  


  1. This is a delightful picture. Love the really small post office, reminds me of one I saw years ago.

  2. Hi Ginny, Do you offer prints of this photo at all? My husband grew up in West Rupert and we now live in Wisconsin closer to my family. We just bought our first home and I was looking for ways to bring a little Vermont to the house and this picture would surely do the trick! (When we go visit his family I always make sure to get a picture in front of the Post Office of us all- ha!) Thanks.

  3. How wonderful that you enjoyed the painting and that you wish you had a print.

    Unfortunately last July I sold the painting.
    So I have no master from which to make a print for you.
    I do have the original photo and maybe I'll get around to painting it again.
    I loved the chickens on the front porch.

    Where do you live in WI?
    We spend our summers in Lac du Flambeau, WI just west of Minocqua.
    (I am currently in FL until June 1.)
    Interesting that you found the photo since I posted it quite a while ago!
    Thanks again and if you keep an eye on my blog…I'll repost it if I paint it again.
    You can contact me via email at



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