Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Gelli mono printed surpise

Some Gelli Arts before breakfast…
Okay Greg and I got these "tags" when we visited the Duluth Train and Art Museum a week or two ago. I know you can "buy" these nice tags at Michaels and JoAnns, etc. but darn, they are kind of expensive.  I know I should make my own…how hard would that be?  BUT anyway I painted up the tags, mono printed them and added some stencils.  I can use them in journals or as gift tags.  Other ideas?

The antique kitchen timer came with our old cabin when we inherited it.  I am sure Greg's mom must have found it at a garage sale many moons ago.  I have actually never seen one like it.  Maybe someone made it? It was wood.  But not very attractive wood..just some varnished plywood.  So I decided to make it a little more attractive. Now I smile..it looks like a small bomb wrapped as gift.  Hahaha.  No taking this on a plane!!!

I use it in my classes to set times so I remember to do this or that or so students know they have 20 minutes to complete something and then we'll get back together or as a reminder that I have 15 minutes to wrap things up…whatever.  I have probably just ruined an antique that would have brought $1,500 at Antiques Roadshow.

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