Monday, August 3, 2015

A tribute to Margaret Bremner's Wonky Houses

Tangle a Day Calendar for July 31- 2 x 6"

Just a little extra fun today closing out July (a few days behind). The page had some extra room so as a tribute to Margaret Bremner I tried a few "wonky" houses, as she likes to call them.
NOTHING like what she does but I can see they are addicting.
I love the bird house and the round windows in the house at the far right.  Repunzel?   Now to get to the first 3 days in August quickly!!!


  1. I am very happy to find your very interesting art blog with so beautiful paintings !!!
    Have a nice and creative summer day !!!

  2. This is great Ginny, well done. I would love to attend one of Margaret's Wonky house's lessons.