Saturday, August 29, 2015

Using Gelli printed papers to make coasters

I wanted to share a small project I completed yesterday using mono-printed deli paper.
Any paper would work but I find the deli has a translucent look that mimics stained glass well.
I found 4 of these cork back coasters at the Dollar Depot in Woodruff, WI (4 for $1).  
They had a design on them and I coated them with one coat of opaque off-white acrylic paint before I started.

I used mat medium as the adhesive for the papers and used a paint pen for the lines.
If you use a water soluble paint pen you should spray them with a coat of clear acrylic before you add any other coating to avoid any smearing.  When dry I covered it with two coats of gloss medium and varnish to add shine and waterproofing.

So don't through those scraps away!
Wouldn't 4 of these make a lovely gift for someone?
I should probably have signed them before the final coating.
The project only took about an hour.  
I used abstract shapes but if you had a cat lover or bird lover, why not cut out a silhouette to include, etc.

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